Mountain Bike 21/24/27/30 Speed 27.5/29 Inch Lockable Front Fork Aluminum Alloy Adult Dual Disc Brake Shock Absorption




Mountain Bike 21/24/27/30 Speed 27.5/29 Inch Lockable Front Fork Aluminum Alloy Adult Dual Disc Brake Shock Absorption
General population: Neutral
Load capacity: 150kg
Brake system: dual disc brake
Wheel material: aluminum alloy
Front fork type: Resistance rubber (mid range without damping)
Front fork material: aluminum alloy
Body material: aluminum alloy
Origin: Chinese Mainland
Wheel size: 27.5/29 inches
Body length: 182cm
Volume: 0.1m ³
Height: 165-185cm
Foot type: Beaded foot
Frame type: hard frame
Packaging weight: 18kg
Net weight of product: 17kg
Packaging size: 145cm * 21cm * 78cm
Color: Red/Silver/Blue/Yellow
Speed category: 21/24/27/30 speed
Model: 072-0831-A
Product Information
Dimensional diagram
(Note: Due to different measurement tools and methods, there may be slight differences in data. Please understand)
Breaking through the Wind Mountain Bike
Special transmission kit, wind breaking integrated wheel set, mountain bike
High appearance, stronger performance
Powerful and fully compatible, with both appearance and performance
Special transmission
Coarse anti slip tires
Mechanical disc brake
Strong climbing
Breaking wind wheel group
Strong load-bearing capacity
Breakthrough of limits
Born multicolored Four color excerpt
Because it’s big, it’s smooth
The wheels become larger, while the obstacles become smaller. Whether it’s protrusions or grooves, the bike passes more smoothly.
26 inches
29 inches
Stable because of its size
The wheels become larger, with more ground area, providing more grip on slopes, corners, and various terrains, resulting in more stable handling.
26 inches
29 inches
Contact area with energy surface control
Because it’s big, it’s fast
The larger the wheel, the greater the rolling inertia, just like a larger gyroscope spinning longer and losing less time when turning over obstacles.
26 inches
29 inches
Dedicated transmission system for labor-saving cycling core
The entire vehicle adopts a high-quality transmission kit, with precise transmission, fast shifting, and effortless cycling.
Variable speed finger pull
Variable speed front pull out
Variable speed rear pull out
Mountainous off-road tires are scratch resistant and durable
Clear particles enhance grip, which is an important anti slip performance of bicycle tires. It also provides wear-resistant rubber material, greatly improving service life, and providing you with dual guarantees of performance and quality
Aluminum alloy internal wiring frame
Breaking convention, the deformation of different parts of the frame and the thickness of the pipe wall effectively resist vibration and scattered impact
Mechanical dual disc brake system provides protection for cycling
Automotive grade mechanical disc brakes have high braking efficiency, simple structure and easy maintenance, ensuring cycling safety
Bold locking before shock absorption
Comfortable shock absorption, powerful rebound, able to slow down the impact of facing the arm,
Ensuring the comfort of cycling.
Lockable shock absorber front fork
Meeting multiple needs
Riding Comfortable and High Quality Life
Mountain off-road
Fitness cycling
Commuting to work
Professional transmission tower wheel shifts smoothly and tightly
High precision tower wheel, each tooth deviation angle precisely matches the chain, making the speed change process smoother and less prone to chain breakage
Integrated sealed bearing center shaft
Integrated sealing, waterproof and dustproof, with low friction in the bearing structure, making cycling easier
One character horizontal handle
Lighter weight and more flexible handling
Color display

Additional information



Fork Suspension





27 Speed

Load Capacity


Gross Weight


Pedal Type

Bead Pedal

Frame Type

Hard Frame (Non-rear Damper)

Braking System

Double Disc Brake

Wheel Size

29 inches

Front Fork Type

Resistance Rubber (Medium Gear Non-damping)




0.1 m3

Length (m)


Net Weight


Applicable People


Rim Material

Aluminum Alloy

Fork Material

Aluminum Alloy

Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy


mountain bike


Mainland China

Packaging size

145cm * 21cm * 78cm



Frame structure

overall vehicle


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