29 Inches Mountain Biking Shock Absorption Bicycle Anti-Skid Single Person Double Brake Aluminum Alloy 30 Speed Riding




29 Inches Mountain Biking Shock Absorption Bicycle Anti-Skid Single Person Double Brake Aluminum Alloy 30 Speed Riding
1.Origin: Mainland China
2.Model No.: 066-0816-A
3.Mountain bike type: cross-country mountain
4.Suitable number: Single person
5.Applicable gender: unisex
6.Bearing weight: 150kg
7.Suitable height: 140CM-200cm
8.Speed: 24 speed, 27 speed and 30 speed
9.Color classification: gold, red, gold, blue, gold, silver, gold and black
10.Frame material: aluminum alloy brake system:
11.Hydraulic disc brake: Hydraulic brake pad
12.Brake: Mechanical wire disc brake
13.Type of frame: Hard frame
14.Front fork type:: oil spring fork (spring rebound/shock oil damping)
15.Item No.: Oil Painting Aluminum Alloy
16.Wheel diameter size: 24 inches, 26 inches, 27.5 inches and 29 inches
17.Reference height: 150-200cm
18.Bare weight: 15kg
19.Package size: 145*20*75cm
20.Packing weight: 18kg
Product information
Appreciate the fast speed and fully enjoy riding
Widening big tires, new and big vision! The bigger the wheel set, the longer the driving distance, the easier it is to cross the object, ride smoothly and have strong grip
Because it is big, it is smooth The wheels become larger and smaller, and whether it is a protrusion or a gully, the bicycle passes more smoothly o 26 inches 29 inches Stable because it is big The wheels become larger, the grounding area is more uphill, and the curved fish provide more grip and more stable control in various terrains 26 inches 29 inches And ground area Fast because it’s big The bigger the wheel, the bigger the inertia, just like the bigger the gyro, the longer it spins, and the less time it loses when it turns over the corner 26 inches 29 inches
Aluminum alloy frame
Local control locking front fork Flexible switching to offset shocks has good elasticity and comfort to deal with various roads
Electroplated card talon 30-speed weight flywheel tooth profile with hollow design It is not easy to drop the chain when it is matched with the chain 10 pieces of electroplated cartridge tarun
Special mountain tire Strong grip on dry road surface, effective anti-skid, wear-resistant and puncture-resistant riding tread in wetland Anti-adjustment outer tire Internal anti-seismic layer
Aluminum alloy hydraulic brake Professional oil dish system has trendy appearance and high responsiveness More sensitive braking and better hand feeling
L-TWOOA7 transmission 30-speed dedicated rear dial The L-TWOOA7 transmission and the professional positioning chain are more compatible to make the whole vehicle transmission system more smoothly attached Gallop past at 30 speed Professional transmission kit is smooth and accurate, with outstanding hand feeling and longer service life

Additional information



Fork Suspension





27 Speed

Load Capacity


Gross Weight


Pedal Type

Ordinary Pedal

Frame Type

Hard Frame (Non-rear Damper)

Braking System

Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brake

Wheel Size


Front Fork Type

Oil Spring Fork (Spring Resilience/Oil Damping)




0.1 m3

Length (m)


Net Weight


Applicable People


Rim Material

Aluminum Alloy

Fork Material

Aluminum Alloy

Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy


mountain bike


Mainland China




red Blue silver black


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